Alcohol-Wise Prevention

Typically used for incoming populations, Alcohol-Wise reduces risk and positively impacts campus culture. It educates about the harmful effects of alcohol, raises retention rates, and acts as a prevention tool for alcohol-related violations. Tailored to the individual, students receive personalized feedback, self-referral tools, and pre- and post-course assessments to measure behavior change and knowledge gain.

Available in high school, over 21, and workplace specific versions.

Under the Influence

Under the Influence was developed in 2001 as the first online, alcohol intervention program in the U.S. An educational sanction for alcohol violations, the course includes 6 lessons on key issues such as alcohol's health effects, drinking and driving, state-specific laws, and alcohol/prescription interactions.

Marijuana 101

First developed in 2004 at the request of a major university, Marijuana 101 is consistently updated with the latest and strongest research available. Six lessons cover a variety of key issues such as marijuana dependence, marijuana's effects, mental health issues, synthetic marijuana, local laws and legalization issues, and legal penalties associated with use. 

Extended Interventions

Research shows that some alcohol and smoking cessation programs have been able to strengthen their effects by including multiple brief contacts. Extended Interventions is a follow-up to the Under the Influence Court or Marijuana 101 Court intervention courses. The add-on features four additional touches in the month following the initial course completion.