Alcohol-Wise Intervention

Underage drinkers are educated on the impact of alcohol on health, academics, and athletic performance in 7 online lessons that focus on underage drinking laws, the risks/costs of a DWI, alcohol/drug interactions, and waiting till 21 to drink.

Tailored to the individual, students receive a confidential drinking profile that summarizes personal drinking-related problems, compares drinking habits with social norms, challenges personal expectations, and provides a range of non-drinking strategies.

Available in high school specific version.


Whether a client needs to address aggression, anger or conflict resolution, Conflict-Wise provides strategies and tools to manage behavior. Course Highlights:

  • Your values and core beliefs
  • Types of harassment
  • Types of aggression
  • Domestic, family, partner violence
  • Online behavior and potential impact
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Strategies for anger management
  • Strategies to manage stress
  • How to handle triggers
  • Empathy and communication skills

DWI/DUI Assessment

The 3rdMil DWI/DUI Assessment is a simplified alcohol and drug risk assessment for clients with a DWI, DUI, or AOD violation that features a personalized feedback report.

Under the Influence Court

Under the Influence is an online alcohol intervention program for young adults ages 17 and older. The course includes 7 lessons on key issues such as alcohol's health effects, drinking and driving, state-specific laws, and alcohol/prescription interactions.

Tailored to the individual, students receive a confidential drinking profile that summarizes personal drinking-related problems, compares drinking habits with social norms, challenges personal expectations, and provides a range of non-drinking strategies.

Marijuana 101 Court

First developed in 2004 at the request of a major university, Marijuana 101 is consistently updated with the latest and strongest research available. Six lessons cover a variety of key issues such as marijuana dependence, marijuana's effects, mental health issues, synthetic marijuana, local laws and legalization issues, and legal penalties associated with use. 

Nicotine 101

Nicotine 101 provides the necessary tools for individuals to make healthy choices about tobacco use. Students will explore their personal use of nicotine and associated behaviors and learn which diseases are associated with tobacco use. Each student’s feedback is individualized. They will be able to develop a unique game plan to quit using nicotine by planning their own strategies to avoid smoking. 

Other Drugs

The Other Drugs intervention program is for individuals charged with an alcohol or drug violations and focuses on opiates, stimulants, sedatives, ecstasy, and prescription drug misuse. The student begins this program by responding to a series of questions about their illicit drug or prescription drug use. Other Drugs is CONFIDENTIAL, and the student is not required to share their personalized feedback. 

Respect & Resolve

Designed in the Motivational Interviewing style, Respect & Resolve explores crucial concepts for building self-esteem, emotional health, and communication and conflict resolution skills. It covers abusive relationship awareness, strategies for recognizing coercive behavior, and safe, positive, active bystander strategies.

Combination Course

A combination of Under the Influence and Marijuana 101, the Combination Course was created due to frequent inquires from courts and agencies for an eight hour program. Research indicates a growing trend in simultaneous and concurrent use of alcohol and marijuana. This simultaneous use increases intoxication and leads to a greater risk of car accidents, psychosis, poor judgement, and addiction. 

Extended Interventions

Research shows that some alcohol and smoking cessation programs have been able to strengthen their effects by including multiple brief contacts. Extended Interventions is a follow-up to the Under the Influence Court or Marijuana 101 Court intervention courses. The add-on features four additional touches in the month following the initial course completion. 

Motivational Interviewing Training

While we fully advocate the efficacy of our online programs, we acknowledge and appreciate the impact that an additional face-to-face intervention can have on a client, if those resources are available. The Motivational Interviewing Training series provides our customers with a free MI Handbook and auxiliary videos to train and assist in counseling. 


Research shows that parents heavily influence their child’s attitude toward alcohol and drug use. Parent-Wise can be used alone or in conjunction with our alcohol and marijuana courses for teens and young adults, and it is available at no cost to the parents of a student enrolled in Alcohol-Wise JV or Marijuana 101 (its four lessons include much of the same information found in these courses).


STOPLifting is a 7-lesson course covering victim impact, legal repercussions, shoplifter types, and behavior-change strategies. The course also explores the justifications of and consequences for shoplifters. 

Written in a Motivational Interviewing style, STOPLifting draws from personalized feedback and other evidence-based approaches to help shoplifters move from ambivalence to awareness to a change in behavior. Each student completes a confidential survey, thereby tailoring the course to the individual.