Course Offerings for Secondary Schools

3rd Millennium Classrooms is committed to helping middle and high school students by providing effective intervention and prevention education programs. Listed below are the online courses available for secondary level students and schools.

Alcohol-Wise HS

Alocohol Image
This alcohol education program is designed for incoming middle and high school students. Alcohol-Wise HS showcases an interactive curriculum used in student groups as an educational and prevention solution for underage drinking. In this course students will learn refusal skills and how to avoid high-risk situations involving alcohol. The course provides relevant alcohol and drug information describing how alcohol has effects on the student’s health, academic success, and social behavior.

Marijuana-Wise HS

Marijuana Wise
Marijuana-Wise HS is a marijuana education and prevention program designed for use with incoming middle and high school students. This relevant, engaging online course informs students about the facts, risks, and consequences of using marijuana, whether they live in a state that has legalized it or not.

Nicotine 101

Nicotine 101
Nicotine 101 is an online course that provides the necessary information and tools for students to make informed decisions and healthy choices involving tobacco use. Nicotine 101 aims to address the impact of all products containing nicotine including: smoking, vaping, dipping, and other nicotine-containing products. Nicotine 101 provides valuable and accurate information on short-term effects, as well as long-term use and adverse health effects, including the dangers of vaping. This course can be taken for nicotine prevention education with a student group or as individuals for tobacco intervention.

Respect & Resolve

Accessiblity Image
This online course is designed as part of a sex education curriculum for high school students, covering topics such as abstinence, consent, and avoiding coercion. It focuses on all aspects of forming safe and healthy relationships. Topics include emotional health, building self-esteem, communication and conflict resolution skills, awareness of types of abuse in relationships, and strategies for recognizing coercive tactics in relationships. For individuals with a conduct violation related to sexting or coercive behaviors this course is offered to individuals as an intervention course.

Conflict-Wise JV

Conflict Wise
Conflict-Wise JV is designed as an intervention course for individuals with a conduct violation related to aggressive behavior, cyberbullying, or bullying. This online course provides tools and information on how to manage aggressive behavior, provides conflict resolution strategies, and is an effective anger management program. Recognizing the triggers of conflict and learning conflict resolution skills is crucial for all areas of life from the home to school and work.

Other Drugs

Other Drugs
This is a course for individuals with a prescription or illicit drug violation used to spread awareness of the consequences of drug abuse; prescription or illicit. Other Drugs is an online substance abuse prevention program geared toward focusing on the effects, risks and consequences of drug misuse.
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