Improve Student Performance and Behavior

Online classes that help high school students using proven behavior strategies

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Proactive Improvements.

We know it can be difficult to create a change in behavior when you work with high school students. At 3rd Mil, we help you proactively influence behavior change with our simple-to-use solution.

Easy and Accessible

Help every student.

We know everyone is different and learns differently. Which is why we’ve made 3rd Mil courses easier than ever. Our courses are accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere!

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Built by experts.

At 3rd Mil, our courses are created by experts who have worked with high school students and who know how to help change behavior. That means your students will always get what they need to excel, allowing you to focus on doing what you do best.

What Do Our Courses Cover?



Use with incoming freshmen for prevention education

Under the Influence HS

Use for alcohol violations


Marijuana-Wise HS

Use with incoming freshmen for prevention education

Marijuana 101 HS

Use for marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, or drugged driving violations


Respect & Resolve

Use with all students to foster healthy relationships; can be used as a part of a health class

Conflict-Wise JV

Use for bullying, anger management, partner violence, or stalking violations

Nicotine 101

Use for vaping, e-cigarette, or smoking violations

Other Drugs

Use for prescription drug or other illicit drug violations


Red Flags

Use to train personnel to identify victims of sex trafficking

Tell Us Your Needs

A short quiz will get us off on the right foot. It’s quick and easy and results in a list of courses that best applies to your students.

Secure Coverage For All Of Your Students

With our simple flat rate pricing structure, you will be able to secure the necessary courses for each of your students without blowing up your budget.

Enjoy The School Year

Because you chose to be proactive, you can sit back and enjoy your time with your students. You can have more time to do the things that matter most.

Course Features

We make your life easier every day.

Personalized feedback. With eCHECKUP TO GO built in, your students get feedback that is specific to them.

Student interaction required. Your students can't just coast through the courses. They are required to take actions all throughout the course to stay engaged.

No hidden costs. The price you see is the price you pay. There will be no surprises. You always get the best pricing.

Confidential. Your students can answer questions honestly knowing their responses are always kept confidential.

Evidence based. This isn't based on theory. All of our courses are built on proven strategies and tools that work.

Easily track student progress. You'll always know right where your students are throughout the process.

High Praise

"3rd Millennium Classrooms has been a huge support for our students and families. Being a rural middle school, access to quality counseling supports for students experiencing issues with drugs is limited. Providing education and supports onsite is an amazing benefit for our community."

Erica, Westwood Middle School