Human Trafficking

Awareness Training

We understand how it feels to discover something terrible is happening and not be sure what to do to help. That's why we've been providing training solutions for people all over the nation for the last 20 years.

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2-hour online training on identifying human trafficking

You have probably encountered at least one human trafficking situation.

A victim could be standing in line next to you or sitting at the next table.

Victims go unnoticed unless someone sees the red flags.

Red Flags informs and empowers you to recognize trafficking and bring victims to safety. Designed for individuals, it customizes into general, law enforcement, and medical tracks.

Course Features

Tiered Instruction

Works for beginners or those with prior knowledge

Interactive Scenarios

Build skills that transfer to real life using realistic scenarios

Customizable Next Steps

Add your organization's messaging and protocols

Across the Board Solution

No matter your background, the course personalizes to you

A Mobile Classroom

24/7 access from any device; no need to coordinate schedules


All our courses utilize proven strategies and tools

Learning Objectives

You will be able to identify a victim and take action.

  • Define human trafficking
  • Define fraud, force, and coercion
  • Differentiate between sex trafficking and prostitution
  • Differentiate between trafficking and smuggling
  • Dispute myths about trafficking
  • Identify at-risk populations, hot-spots, and access points
  • Identify barriers to rescue
  • Identify factors driving demand of trafficking
  • Identify psychological and health-related flags in victims
  • Identify strategies commonly used to connect with youth
  • Recognize the signs of grooming
  • Recognize trafficker personas