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We understand how busy life can be and that's why we made this course easy to access and complete. Our interactive, online course keeps you engaged and informed.

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Sex trafficking impacts people from all walks of life and it can be hard to identify when it is happening. By learning to recognize the signs, you can change lives forever. Best of all, you can access the course anytime, anywhere.

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3rd Millennium Classrooms builds its courses with the help of the best experts in the field. With their experience, we have built this course using proven strategies and real-life scenarios so you will be able to recognize sex trafficking victims and will know what to do to help them.

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High Praise

“I work to train direct care staff working with kids in crisis and kids who have been trafficked but don’t disclose it. My problem was how to express and train other people in what to look for when we get youth in and trying to identify them as exploited and trafficked children. I felt like I couldn’t describe what to look for. I couldn’t make them see what I was seeing. The Red Flags program gave me the words to use and bullet points for what to look for. It’s nice now because after presentations, the people I am training are more clear on what to look for in youth. I am a better trainer now that I have taken the course. All non-profits working with youth should utilize this in their training.”

Janie Bravo
Program Manager, RMYA (Roy Maas Youth Alternative)