Marijuana 101 Court

4-hour, online course for marijuana related violations

First developed in 2004 at the request of a major university, Marijuana 101 is consistently updated with the latest and strongest research available. Six lessons cover a variety of key issues such as marijuana dependence, marijuana's effects, mental health issues, synthetic marijuana, local laws and legalization issues, and legal penalties associated with use. 

Tailored to the individual, students receive a confidential personalized-feedback report that summarizes use and negative consequences, compares individual use with social norms, challenges personal expectations, and provides a range of strategies to quit.

Available in juvenile court specific version (see below).

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Marijuana 101 JV

Marijuana 101 JV is an online intervention course for teens 16 and younger who have been charged with an underage drug violation. Designed to educate students on the harmful effects of marijuana use for people their age, it can be offered as a standalone intervention or be combined with 4 Extended Intervention follow-ups that are spaced at least 7 days apart. Both students and administrators receive electronic notification upon successful completion of the course.