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Social Responsibility

15 min module about the effects of drinking & driving

Social Responsibility, an add-on module for alcohol education courses requested and written by Cornell University, educates students on the consequences of driving under the influence. The course covers important topics such as the basics of underage drinking, the consequences for providing alcohol to minors, why most states voluntarily set their minimum drinking age at 21, and why underage drinking laws are in place.

Assessment tools and personalized feedback engage the student in the course and obliges the student to apply what he or she has learned in the module.

{ "@context": "", "@type": "Course", "name":"Social Responsibility", "description":"15 min module about the effects of drinking & driving", "provider": { "@type": "Organization", "name": "3rd Mil Classrooms", "sameAs":"", "logo": { "@type": "ImageObject", "url": "", "width": 200, "height": 50 } } }