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Combination Course

8-hour intervention for dual violation sanctions

A combination of Under the Influence and Marijuana 101, the Combination Course was created due to frequent inquires from courts and agencies for an eight hour program. Research indicates a growing trend in simultaneous and concurrent use of alcohol and marijuana. This simultaneous use increases intoxication and leads to a greater risk of car accidents, psychosis, poor judgement, and addiction. 

Tailored to the individual, students receive a confidential drinking and smoking profile that summarizes personal drinking and smoking related problems, compares use habits with social norms, challenges personal expectations, and provides a range of non-drinking/non-smoking strategies.

{ "@context": "", "@type": "Course", "name":"Combination Course", "description":"8-hour intervention for dual violation sanctions", "provider": { "@type": "Organization", "name": "3rd Mil Classrooms", "sameAs":"", "logo": { "@type": "ImageObject", "url": "", "width": 200, "height": 50 } } }