Respect & Resolve

75-min course on healthy relationships and behavior

Designed in the Motivational Interviewing style, Respect & Resolve explores crucial concepts for building self-esteem, emotional health, and communication and conflict resolution skills. It covers abusive relationship awareness, strategies for recognizing coercive behavior, and safe, positive, active bystander strategies.

Students determine their preferred bystander intervention style and their own strategies for overcoming peer pressure and other coercive pressures; they also work on their communication with peers and adults and learn to give and receive respect. Students complete the course at their own pace, receiving personalized feedback through each lesson.

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Respect & Resolve can be used in a health class or as part of a life skills and/or sex education curriculum.

Respect & Resolve can be administered to individual students exhibiting high-risk behavior or to students who could benefit from these critical life and social skills.