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Help clients using proven behavior change strategies.

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Simple solutions

Reduce hassle and change lives.

We understand that complicated processes can get in the way of helping offenders. With our online courses your complicated task becomes easy and efficient. Provide effective interventions without the hassle.

Easy and Accessible

Help every student.

The people you’re helping aren’t easy to motivate. Getting them to focus on a task, let alone complete it, isn’t always easy. So we made sure there are no excuses for non-compliance by making our courses accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere!

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Experienced Experts

Rely on evidence.

3rd Millennium Classrooms has designed and built its courses with proven, evidence-based strategies. Taking a course from us offers the peace of mind that you’re clients are getting an effective behavior changing intervention.

What Do Our Courses Cover?


Under the Influence

Use for public intoxication, DWI, DUI, underage drinking, Zero tolerance, and drunk and disorderly violations


Marijuana 101

Use for marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, or drugged driving violations

Other Drugs

Nicotine 101

Use for vaping, e-cigarette, or smoking violations

Other Drugs

Use for prescription drug or other illicit drug violations.



Use for shoplifting and petty theft violations

Domestic Violence & Anger Management

Respect & Resolve

Use for underage sexting, bullying, or other interpersonal violations


Use for domestic violence, anger management, partner violence, or stalking violations


Red Flags

Use to train personnel to identify victims of sex trafficking

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Once you’ve got the tools you’ll be ready to implement our resources and enjoy the benefits of an effective, efficient intervention solution.

Course Features

We make your life easier every day.

Student interaction required. Your students can't simply skip through our courses.

No cost, contract, or paperwork for you. Your clients pay for the courses themselves.

It's about behavior change. With eCHECKUP TO GO built in, students receive personalized feedback.

Evidenced based. All our courses utilize proven strategies and tools.

Validation measures confirm identity. Offenders—not friends—take courses.

Automatic completion notification. You never have to wonder if students finished.

High Praise

“We are getting such positive feedback from your courses. Our clients are finding it very helpful, useful and full of good information!”

Diversion Programs Specialist, Minnesota