Training Students to Make Better Choices about Alcohol, Drugs, and Relationships

We understand the pressures incoming students can face in college. That's why we've created online solutions that train students to manage the pressures around substance use and unhealthy relationships.

We also know how much negative consequences can cost a campus, both in money and lowered student retention rates. That's why we've created solutions that are easy for you to use.

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Typically used for incoming populations, Alcohol-Wise reduces risk and positively impacts campus culture. It educates about the harmful effects of alcohol, raises retention rates, and acts as a prevention tool for alcohol-related violations. 

Tailored to the individual, students receive personalized feedback, self-referral tools, and pre- and post-course assessments to measure behavior change and knowledge gain.

Consent & Respect

Consent & Respect protects campuses by helping students recognize the differences between healthy and unhealthy actions, attitudes, and behaviors. Personalized feedback reinforces positive behaviors and corrects misconceptions.

The Consent & Respect suite covers all Title IX educational requirements for campuses for students, faculty, and staff.

Marijuana-Wise & Other Drugs

Marijuana-Wise educates students about the myths and misinformation that surrounds marijuana use and acts as a prevention tool for future marijuana related problems. It includes research on how marijuana has changed over the last 20 years, the potential negative consequences (including cognitive and health effects) of marijuana use, common reasons for use, marijuana's potential for addiction and withdrawals, and strategies for making a change.

Other Drugs focuses on opiates, stimulants, sedatives, ecstasy, and prescription drug misuse. 

Course Features


Transparent Pricing

No hidden costs, long-term contracts,

or price gouging

Interactive Scenarios

Build skills that transfer to real life using realistic scenarios

Customizable Content

Add your university's messaging and protocols


Personalized Feedback

Learn from past choices and make future plans that work for you

Fully Accessible

24/7 access from any device; no need to coordinate schedules


All our courses utilize proven strategies and tools