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Online courses focused on prevention education and designed to help students and faculty using proven behavior change strategies.


Alocohol Wise
This online alcohol class is designed for incoming first-year or transfer students as an alcohol prevention education program. It can also be used as an intervention course: the study’s findings were positive for college freshmen and sophomores alike, showing a statistically significant change in drinking behavior and attitudes among both groups. Alcohol-Wise provides normative drinking information, harm reduction strategies, and alcohol education.

Under the Influence

For use with alcohol violations, this six-lesson course is individualized for each student and integrates feedback through interaction. Students identify goals that will help them make a positive change in their personal alcohol use. The course also includes a 30-day follow-up to measure changes in the student’s attitudes and behavior.

Consent & Respect

A comprehensive Title IX training course covering all of the Title IX requirements to promote respectful, healthy relationships. Through this course students will be able to know the importance of giving and receiving consent and will understand that consent is essential. Additional learning includes safe and positive strategies for bystanders to use, and the warning signs for abusive behavior in intimate partner relationships.

Consent & Respect Staff

This is a prevention education course for faculty, staff and student leaders. Course material covers sexual assault and violence, reporting and trauma-informed care. It will empower those who work directly with students with crucial concepts of consent, healthy relationships, bystander intervention, intimate partner violence, stalking and more. Consent & Respect will enable your campus to meet the educational requirements for the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE Act) and compliance with the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).


Marijuana Wise
Designed for use with incoming first-year or transfer students for marijuana education and prevention, this relevant, engaging course inform students about the facts, risks, and consequences of using or distributing marijuana, whether they live in a state that’s legalized it or not.

Marijuana 101

Marijuana 101
This course is for use with marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, or drugged driving violations. Public education about the dangers associated with marijuana use, presented in a reasonable and balanced manner, is increasingly important to counteract public beliefs that marijuana use is harmless. Motivational enhancement therapy, or motivational interviewing, has been successful in helping inspire internally motivated change for individuals who use marijuana.

Nicotine 101

Nicotine 101
An online course that provides the necessary tools for students to make healthy choices about tobacco use, Nicotine 101 addresses the behaviors of those who use nicotine and provides valuable information on long-term use and adverse health effects including the dangers of vaping. Presented in a motivational interviewing style, the course empowers students to make their own decisions about nicotine use. It is valuable in aiding college campuses in enforcing new smoke- and tobacco-free policies as well as vaping, e-cigarette, or smoking violations.

Other Drugs

Other Drugs
This substance abuse prevention course is for use with for prescription drug or other illicit drug violations. In an effort to foster awareness of the consequences of prescription drug abuse, Other Drugs is an online intervention program for individuals charged with an alcohol or drug violation. Other Drugs focuses on prescription drug misuse, opiates, stimulants, sedatives, and ecstasy.


Conflict-Wise JV is an intervention program to help young people recognize the impact of their behaviors. The course provides important skill training designed to teach conflict resolution strategies and ways to diffuse anger. Personalized feedback shows the effects and consequences of actions. Each student receives an action plan to better manage their behavior. This class is for use in domestic violence, anger management, partner violence, or stalking violations.

Red Flags

Conflict Wise
This two-hour, online course is designed to train school personnel to identify the signs of human trafficking and how to report victims as well as covering common misconceptions people have about modern-day slavery.
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