Red Flags

You have probably encountered at least one human trafficking situation.

A victim could be standing in line next to you or sitting at the next table.

Victims go unnoticed unless someone sees the red flags.

Red Flags informs and empowers you to recognize trafficking and bring victims to safety. Designed for individuals, it customizes into general, law enforcement, and medical tracks.

Motivational Interviewing Training

While we fully advocate the efficacy of our online programs, we acknowledge and appreciate the impact that an additional face-to-face intervention can have on a client, if those resources are available. The Motivational Interviewing Training series provides our customers with a free MI Handbook and auxiliary videos to train and assist in counseling. 


Research shows that parents heavily influence their child’s attitude toward alcohol and drug use. Parent-Wise can be used alone or in conjunction with our alcohol and marijuana courses for teens and young adults, and it is available at no cost to the parents of a student enrolled in Alcohol-Wise JV or Marijuana 101 (its four lessons include much of the same information found in these courses).