Other Drugs

Nicotine 101

Nicotine 101 provides the necessary tools for individuals to make healthy choices about tobacco use. Students will explore their personal use of nicotine and associated behaviors and learn which diseases are associated with tobacco use. Each student’s feedback is individualized. They will be able to develop a unique game plan to quit using nicotine by planning their own strategies to avoid smoking. 

Other Drugs

The Other Drugs intervention program is for individuals charged with an alcohol or drug violations and focuses on opiates, stimulants, sedatives, ecstasy, and prescription drug misuse. The student begins this program by responding to a series of questions about their illicit drug or prescription drug use. Other Drugs is CONFIDENTIAL, and the student is not required to share their personalized feedback. 


Research shows that parents heavily influence their child’s attitude toward alcohol and drug use. Parent-Wise can be used alone or in conjunction with our alcohol and marijuana courses for teens and young adults, and it is available at no cost to the parents of a student enrolled in Alcohol-Wise JV or Marijuana 101 (its four lessons include much of the same information found in these courses).